About Jiniku Clothes Australia

Nowadays, we often hear that we’re meant to be living longer and supposedly have infinite amounts of choice in our lives. But, as a woman of over 35, when it comes down to age and choice of clothes, it seems harder and harder to find anything we really want to wear.  Why is it that the fun and funky designs are generally only accessible to the younger market?  And, if you’re older, do you really have to resign yourself to dressing like a frump or occasionally spending far too much money on a few more elegant but often expensive items of clothing?

Surely, we are worth more? We want to look good and be fashionable in clothes that suit our bodies without compromising quality or style. Recognising this gap in the market and after endless chats with frustrated friends, I decided to set up Jiniku clothes online. Jiniku has a small, colourful collection, the emphasis is on high quality designs that are stylish and affordable. We have included unique touches of colour and really thought about each individual piece when choosing the fabrics and designs. With real and different shaped bodies in mind, the collection has been designed for the more mature woman who wants to feel and look good in what she wears. The cut may be more generous, sleeves may be a little wider or longer and skirts come in a choice of lengths with flattering waistbands.

We hope that you will love and enjoy Jiniku styles!

Janine Lawrie

Janine Lawrie is a busy mother of two who moved to Australia from the UK after falling in love with its wild, untamed landscapes. She moved back to the UK for family reasons and developed a taste for the vibrant colours and patterns she found in the UK.  She has worked from home for many years as a graphic designer. When she returned to Melbourne and struggled to find the sort of clothes she wanted to wear, she came up with idea of Jiniku clothes